Plastic Water Bottles Are Toxic

Wanted to share a fantastic article on the amount of toxins that are in plastic bottled water.

We recommend Echo H2 molecular hydrogen water. In addition to having one of the best filtration systems, the molecular hydrogen is extremely healing. Great for helping to reduce the dis-ease from arthritis, cancer and many other health challenges.

For more information on the benefits of molecular hydrogen water:

We offer Echo water to our clients for $2/gallon. Please bring your BPA free containers. (Walmart has 2 gallon BPA free containers)

About pascovet

I am a veterinarian with a passion for holistic medicine. My practice is integrated, meaning I utilize the best elements of traditional western medicine with many alternative modalities. I am a veterinary chiropractor and I perform acupuncture, utilize Chinese herbs, essential oils, laser therapy, alpha sonic therapy, homotoxicology, neutraceuticals, live blood analysis, and many other modalities to achieve the highest level of success with my patients. I am a certified natural health professional and am co founder of L.I.I.F.E. (Living Integrated Is for Everyone), a wellness center dedicated to educating and empowering people to better health. In addition to my full time veterinary practice, I homeschool my 2 daughters and train my horses in dressage. I recently co published a children's book with my oldest daughter. "Demi and the Dolphins, a lesson in ecology" is an amazing story for all ages.
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