What If…….

Over the past 30 or so years, I have found myself asking the question “why am I here and what is my purpose”.  As far back as I can remember, I have never felt that life and its events were random or meaningless. “Everything happens for a good reason” holds truth for me, even though during an event it doesn’t always feel that way. I have learned to trust that on the “other side” of the event  something wonderful and meaningful will manifest.

Many times I come across people who when asked what their purpose in life is, answer “I don’t know, never thought about it”.meditation

Christmas morning, 2013, I had just practiced a theta meditation ( being in a state where we most strongly receive inspiration and answers from the higher collective consciousness), and as usual, I asked for the wisdom to know my purpose, follow it and help others follow theirs. This is the clear “message” that came through:

This 3rd dimension “earth” as we call it is like a hologram (for those old enough to remember Star Trek), star treka place where through our thoughts, perceptions and actions we create reality.  Another way to think of it is as a video game (for those younger folk).  The goal of the game is to become more and more conscious of our life’s purpose while overcoming the hardships, challenges and conflicts that we put in our way to block us from achieving that goal (or maybe it is to create the experience we need so we develop the resources we need for later achievements?). Each time we are successful, we get a reward of happiness, joy, bliss, abundance  and gratitude.

We experience multitudes of clues and hints along the way. Clues come in many forms. They may be people and pets that come into our lives, if for a brief period or a lifetime. Maybe a billboard, song or email that makes you think “wow, I needed to hear that just now”.  Any serendipity moment may be the clueclue you needed to see, the hint that created the fork in the road of choices and outcomes.

Maybe, when we earn enough “Atta Girl or Atta boys, we advance to the next “playing level”, coming back for video gameanother round of life (reincarnation). I’m not sure if each round gets harder or easier as we get closer to winning, the ultimate goal being “oneness with source energy aka G-D, HaShem or whatever name you choose.

But what if this is all nonsense (though I passionately believe the theory to be true), and there is no rhyme or reason to life, everything is just a coincidence or an accident and life has no greater meaning or purpose?

I feel there would still be a benefit to playing the “what if it were true” game.  I think there should be an 11th commandment which is:

“Always leave the place better than how you found it” 

Use the gifts, passions and talents you came here with to make the world a better place

About pascovet

I am a veterinarian with a passion for holistic medicine. My practice is integrated, meaning I utilize the best elements of traditional western medicine with many alternative modalities. I am a veterinary chiropractor and I perform acupuncture, utilize Chinese herbs, essential oils, laser therapy, alpha sonic therapy, homotoxicology, neutraceuticals, live blood analysis, and many other modalities to achieve the highest level of success with my patients. I am a certified natural health professional and am co founder of L.I.I.F.E. (Living Integrated Is for Everyone), a wellness center dedicated to educating and empowering people to better health. In addition to my full time veterinary practice, I homeschool my 2 daughters and train my horses in dressage. I recently co published a children's book with my oldest daughter. "Demi and the Dolphins, a lesson in ecology" is an amazing story for all ages.
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