S.T.A.R.T. Refusing GMO Foods

FACT: GMO foods create DNA damage that leads to cancer!

FACT: GMO foods are changing our genetics!

FACT: 80% of the worlds corn is GMO BT Corn that produces insecticide in our gut.

FACT: 90% of the soybeans grown in the U.S. are GMO.

FACT: in 1980 Monsanto succeeded in getting patents on genetic engineering and modification of seeds, laying the groundwork for controlling the world’s food supply.

FACT: Monsanto is the largest controller of seeds in the world.

FACT: GMO crops require Monsanto controlled pesticides and fertilizers.

FACT: GMO crops are contaminating and destroying native crops around the world.

FACT: Since 1984 the dairy industry has been giving Bovine Growth Hormone (GMO) to cows resulting in pus, antibiotics, and hormones in the milk.

FACT: There are no laws requiring labeling of GMO’s in the U.S. 

FACT: Monsanto is deeply entrenched with the pharmaceutical industry having merged with Pharmacia AB, Upjohn, and Pfizer.

FACT: Monsanto has infiltrated high-level federal regulatory positions in the U.S. Government. The result- government is not protecting our food safety.

FACT: Monsanto has lied about the safety of GMO’s and manipulated governments, all for their financial gain.


Monsanto profits off the GMO foods they force us to eat, then profits from the drugs we take to treat the diseases caused by their toxic food.

And we continue to buy their products!  REALLY!?!?

We MUST take IMMEDIATE action to stop Monsanto.  If not stopped, Monsanto will control the food of the world and the drugs needed to treat the diseases that result!

Can we make a difference?


There are millions of us and one of them.





  1. Eliminate at-risk processed foods.  If the label reads ANY corn/corn byproduct, canola, cottonseed, sugar from beets, or soy/soy byproducts, don’t use it.  If it is unopened in your pantry, return it and get your money back.
  2. Eat at restaurants that serve all natural or organic foods.
  3. Buy only Organic-Certified Organic products.
  4. Buy products displaying “Non-GMO Project” seal.
  5. Stop using conventional milk and dairy products.  Buy organic almond milk or make your own.
  6. Buy only dairy products from grass fed, free range, antibiotic and hormone free animals.
  7. Support products from Non-GMO Shopping Guide
  8. Support local organic farmers, join a CSA or other co-ops, plant food bearing trees at home, plant a garden (use grow boxes if land is not available), support local health food stores and organic farmers markets.
  9. Avoid when possible products from Pharmacia AB, Upjohn, and Pfizer, all companies owned by Monsanto.
  10. Seek natural remedies when possible.
  11. Get educated and educate everyone you know.

IRT site. Has many videos on GMO

LabelGMOs.org. Get involved

http://ow.ly/9RXM    How GMO foods alter your brain

http://ow.ly/bJtRU   Monsanto cover up.  MUST WATCH THIS!

http://opposingdigits.com/forums/post-62.html  Lists GMO foods by company and brand name





This is not someone else’s business

This is not some else’s job

Every one of us must take responsibility in making the change.

Do it and pass it on.

About pascovet

I am a veterinarian with a passion for holistic medicine. My practice is integrated, meaning I utilize the best elements of traditional western medicine with many alternative modalities. I am a veterinary chiropractor and I perform acupuncture, utilize Chinese herbs, essential oils, laser therapy, alpha sonic therapy, homotoxicology, neutraceuticals, live blood analysis, and many other modalities to achieve the highest level of success with my patients. I am a certified natural health professional and am co founder of L.I.I.F.E. (Living Integrated Is for Everyone), a wellness center dedicated to educating and empowering people to better health. In addition to my full time veterinary practice, I homeschool my 2 daughters and train my horses in dressage. I recently co published a children's book with my oldest daughter. "Demi and the Dolphins, a lesson in ecology" is an amazing story for all ages.
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  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for all this wonderful information! Reposting!

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